How to pay the inbox fee?

An inbox fee is a way to get compensated for your attention consumed by unsolicited mail. The fee is paid using the new Bitcoin Lightning payment network, which enables secure and private micropayments all over the world.

If you sent someone an unsolicited email and got an inbox fee invoice in reply, you have two options to pay the fee. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet that supports the Lightning network, you can pay the invoice using your existing wallet. Otherwise, if you don't have a wallet yet, you can download the InboxFee app, refill it using your credit card, and pay from there.

How to pay with a Bitcoin Lightning wallet?

If you have a Bitcoin wallet with Lightning network support and have enough value on the balance, you can pay using your wallet. Just scan the QR code provided in the inbox fee invoice message, or copy the payment request into the clipboard and paste into the wallet.

Lightning network payments usually happen very fast. However, if the recipient's device is offline, your payment might fail to get through. In that case, you can either retry the payment later yourself or use the auto-retry feature if it's present in your wallet.

How to pay with the InboxFee app?

If you don't have a Bitcoin Lightning wallet, you can use the InboxFee app directly. Download the app and sign up. After that, you will be able to refill the application's internal balance with your credit card. Choose the 'Refill' option, choose the amount, and proceed through the standard flow of the Play Store / AppStore.

After your balance is refilled, you can pay from within the app by scanning the QR code of the inbox fee invoice, or by copying the payment request.

Please note that Play Store/AppStore will charge a significant commission (up to 30%) on the amount you refill. We encourage you to learn about Bitcoin and get yourself a wallet to avoid paying extra commissions to the app platform.

What happens after I pay the inbox fee?

After your payment is confirmed, the payment receiver will be notified and your mail will be moved to their inbox. You will not receive any additional notification about this payment. Please note that your payment of an inbox fee does not guarantee that your mail will be replied to, or even read. Please do not request for support in case you didn't get your mail opened or replied.

Can I get a refund for the inbox fee I paid?

An inbox fee cannot be refunded.